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  • Talent Nurture Programme Level-3:

    Introduction about TNP Level 3:


    Bihar Mathematical Society has been conducting Talent Nurture Programme level 3 for competitive Examinations like UPSC,BPSC,NET,SSC,Banking etc. since 2020 in all Districts of Bihar.The objective of of the programme is to identifying and nurturing talented students through Training, Seminar, Conference, Workshop, lecture and Mathematical exhibitions. It is also to strengthen their foundation in Mathematics and enable them to evolve into outstanding Mathematicians and Teachers. The students are selected on their performance in the written and oral test. The programme will help the students to understand fundamentals of Mathematics, and overall serve the basic needs to pursue higher study in Mathematics.


    The aim of the programme is to prepare the students by providing nurture training who are not find a place at the National Institutes, competitive examinations, olympiad and to take up research in Mathematics initiative.This project is to address this section of the students by providing nurture training to them,while these selected students continue to undergo their normal course of study at their institutions. Such programme is also sure to remove phobia of mathematics and search the talent hidden among young students and teachers to motivate them rational thinking and prepare them for the mathematical interest. However, there are no quick solutions to these problems. This venture is an endeavour to address to these problems. At least some of the talented and motivated students are to be groomed under this Programme. The Society will take the initiative to take up this challenging task through the programmes.

    2.Role of Teacher

    Teachers of this programme will act as Mentors (Subject Matter Experts) in the class room, supporting the anchoring faculty and the students. This would facilitate intense interaction between the students and the instructors giving closer attention to all the students. Every committed teacher willing to devote a minimum of ten days in an year during the Programme will be co-opted to serve as Teachers. It is expected that the experience they gain from it will eventually be taken to their class rooms making a positive impact on their teaching.

    3.Steering Committee

    In each district, there will be a steering committee will be responsible for plan and execution of the programme. There will be a programme coordinator in each level to be nominated by the MGSS with the consent of Bihar Mathematical Society. A team of steering committee in each district and experts will conduct the programme and render necessary suggestions to both Mentors and students to ensure intensive interaction, effective communication and optimal result. They will also work as supervisors in Workshop, Seminar, Mathematics exhibition and Training to oversee the conduct of the programme.The programme will be conducted head quarters in each district.

    4.Training Programme:

    A training programme will be conducted in each district online or offline by subject expert may be arranged for intending candidates. Those who have completed the foundation course programme successfully would move over to the second stage training programme. Our initiative through this project is to select top 50 students in each level/sub level from foundation course by their performance for the training in the camp. The emphasis will be laid on strengthening the foundation giving exposure to Mathematical concepts and training the students on the art of asking right questions while solving problems. This is to be achieved through the mode of intense interaction of the students with the training faculty. The role of the faculty will be to raise relevant questions to keep the students on the right track while leaving them to solve the problems on their own.

    5.Empanelment of Teachers for TNP

    Those who are interested in TNP as well as creative role in the mission has an opportunity of teachers up to level of schools, colleges or universities.The teachers who will teach the students must be in the role of mentors during the contact sessions. With these objectives we are creating a registry of the Mathematics Teachers .Those who are interested to be partner in the endeavour and willing to spend at least 10 days as Mentors every year during the conduct of the programme are welcome to join the Registry in a given format.

    6. Refresher/ Orientation course for Teachers

    We are also planning to conduct Orientation and Refresher course for registered teachers, as Mentors with academicians having rich experience in teaching ability. However, Those teachers who are not the Mentors may take participate in the second stage training programme for good academic teaching experience and reaserch oriented work.Those who are interested may apply online www.bmsbihar.org for joining the group at the earliest.

    7. Programme scheduled :

    Last date for submission of application form (TSTM) : 17 Feb 2024

    Foundation course Training(TSTM) : --

    Admit card available for examinations (TSTM) : ---

    Date of Examination (TSTM) : ---

    TSTM Exam Timing : ---

    Last date to apply for TNP (Level 2 and Level 3) - ---

    Date of interview - ---

    Publication of Result ---

    Date of felicitation program ---

    Orientation program ----

    Note: An online and offline training programme will be conducted for the applicants of TSTM and TNP.

    How to Apply:

    Application forms of TNP Level 3 may be submitted online on website www.bmsbihar.org of BMS. Offline applications can be downloaded from the website and can be submitted to the office of BMS Patna or Convener MGSS in District.The application fee can also be deposited through bank draft/cheque drawn in favour of “Bihar Mathematical Society” payable at Patna


    A regular student of a particular class in recognized educational institutions of Bihar/India will be eligible for TNP Level 3 of that class. Our initiative through this project is to select top 50 students at each level/sub level from foundation course on the basis of their performance for the training of second stage training camp.

    10.Application Fee for TNP:

    Applicants of Level 3 will have to pay three hundred Rupees (Rs 300/-) online on Website www.bmsbihar.org.The fee may also be paid through the bank draft/cheque drawn in favour of Bihar Mathematical Society payable at Patna. It can also be submitted to Dr Vijay Kumar, Convener cum Executive Joint Secretary of BMS at College of Commerce, Arts and Science,Patna

    11.Certificate and Medal

    On the basis of performance in second stage training programme of TNP Level 3, top three students in each level will be awarded medal and certificate of merit, which all other students will receive certificate of participation.

    12 Syllabus of TSTM and TNP

    The Syllabus of TSTM and TNP can be obtained from the website of BMS

    13.Official Address:

    Dr Vijay Kumar
    onvener cum Executive Joint Secretary of BMS.
    College of Commerce, Arts and Science Patna-20.
    Email: bmshelplinedesk@gmail.com.