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  • About Bihar Mathematical Society (History)

    Founder Member of Bihar Mathematical Society (BMS)

    Bihar Mathematical Society was established on 01/02/1958 under the Presidentship of Dr. B N.Prasad. He was the first Indian to get the D.Sc in Mathematics from Paris & Ph.D from Liverpool. He visited Scotland, Germany, England, USA and come in contact and work with Prof. G. Hardy, Lebesgue, Hilbert and several Eminent Mathematician in the world.

    (1) Patron: Sri B.P.Jamuar, the first Vice Chancellor of B.R.A Bihar University, Muzaffarpur (Formerly Bhagalpur University).

    (2) President: Dr. R. Shukla (Ph.D London), Head, Dept. of Mathematics, L.S. College Muzaffarpur.

    (3) Vice President: Prof. Jay Narayan M.A (London) Head, Dept. of Mathematics T.N.B College Bhagalpur.

    (4) General Secretary: Dr. S.N. Prasad, Dept. of Mathematics TMBU Bhagalpur.

    (5) Treasurer: Prof. K.D. Khemka - Dept. of Mathematics, Marwari College, Bhagalpur.

    Prof. P.B. Gupta - Principal, T.N.J (Now T.M.B) college, Bhagalpur.

    Prof A.P. Chatterjee - Dept. of Mathematics, T.M.B college, Bhagalpur.

    Prof. T.N. Sinha - Dept. of Mathematics, T.M.B college, Bhagalpur.

    Prof. I.N. Singh - Dept. of Mathematics, T.M.B college, Bhagalpur.

    Prof. R.S. Sinha - Dept. of Mathematics, T.M.B college, Bhagalpur.

    Prof. Shambhu Nath - Dept. of Mathematics, Marwari College, Bhagalpur.

    Dr. L.K. Sharan - Dept.of Statistics, Marwari College, Bhagalpur.

    Dr.(Mrs.) A. Mukharjee - Dept. of Mathematics, S.M. College, Bhagalpur.

    Dr. R. Shukla, the Head of the Dept of Mathematics, B.R.A Bihar University, Muzaffarpur was elected the founder President and Dr S.N. Prasad was elected the founder Secretary. Sri B.P. Jamuar, the first V.C. of Bhagalpur University became a Patron of B.M.S. in 1961.

    Bihar Mathematical Society has been publishing its research journal 'Journal of the Bihar Mathematical Society' since 1961. The first volume of the journal of Bihar Mathematical Society was released by V.C. Sri B.P. Jamuar in 1961. So far, BMS has published its 29 volumes.

    BMS has been also conducting mathematical Olympiad like Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO), Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) in the region of Bihar since 1989 on behalf of the National Board of Higher Mathematics, Govt. of India. The BMS has been organizing Talent Search Test in Mathematics (TSTM) for school children since 1993 and giving scholarship and gold medal to the meritorious successful candidates besides awarding them merit certificates.

    BMS has about 500 life members and 20 institutional life members in India and abroad. So far eleven conferences of the BMS have been organised at different places in India.

    Mathematical Society has been able to create a distinct impression in the mind of the elite of the society, and we hope it will continue to do so forever.